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Box Vaporizers Whips And Wands - Hands Free Basic Color

  • $17.95

Hands Free Wand Set

The Basic Hands Free Whip/Wand Set is designed with looks and safety in mind. The glass is all borosilicate-grade so that it will not be affected by temperatures and will be safe to inhale from forever.  Our newly designed wand now incorporates much more color then our older model that will change slightly with increased use. also went with a smaller inlet for the tube to create a better backpressure situation making vapor quality better with less emphasis on inhalation technique. The glass mouthpiece is safe to inhale from and easy to clean as well.
Cleaning the whip/wand set couldn't be easier! Simply put the tube in the dishwasher and soak the wand and mouthpiece in our 420 Soak N Rinse Cleaner you can add it easily to your shopping cart under the Optional Addition section above for the low price of $12.95.
Again this is a HANDS FREE Wand designed for a box style vaporizer with a Male Heating Element Cover and Grounded Glass on the end. 95% of vaporizers use this style. Here are a few examples of vaporizers that we carry that this Wand Set will work with:
Vaporite SOLO
Easy Vape
Vapor Box
Vapor Cannon 4G
Most other Box Vaporizers that meet the above requirements. The Deluxe Hands Free Whip/Wand Set that we offer is an excellent addition to any hands free vaporizer. The ground glass wand allows the bowl to rest easily on your vaporizers heating element. What makes this wand so special is the fact that it breaks down into two pieces for easy cleaning and screen replacement. The silicone tube is 30" in length and can be fitted perfectly to the hands free wand and custom hand blown mouthpiece. 100% True OEM, this is the real thing.