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Famous Brandz

Cheech & Chong Anthony Water Pipe

  • $74.95

Cheech & Chong - Anthony Water Pipe

Concentrate lovers rejoice! The Cheech & Chong Anthony water pipe from the 'Up In Smoke' collection is the ideal rig for hard-core dabbers. The quartz nail keeps your flavors on point, while the diffusion disc keeps your rips buttery smooth. 18mm ground glass dome included. The flared base keeps the Anthony from tipping over and the thick borosilicate glass is super-durable.

How it Works

Fill the Anthony water pipe with enough water to allow for a smooth draw. Apply enough concentrate to your dabber for one session, then apply heat to the quartz nail until hot enough. Apply concentrate to quartz bucket as you draw.


The Cheech & Chong Anthony Water Pipe and its components can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol; rinse fully with water after cleaning.