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Dr Dabber

Dr. Dabber Aurora - Flight Edition

  • $99.95

Dr. Dabber Aurora Flight Edition Vaporizer

The limited edition Dr. Dabber Aurora is a cutting-edge vaporizer pen designed to provide the best possible low-heat vaporization experience for concentrates. With a unique P-51 mustang design and a custom charging base, the Flight edition is perfect for those with a connection to our armed forces. With a powerful magnetic connection between the battery, atomizers, and mouthpiece make the Aurora a uniquely satisfying experience. The large variable voltage battery and three distinct atomizers allow for unmatched customization - ensuring perfect vapor from any concentrate.

How it Works

Choose your atomizer and load material for one session directly onto the atomizer. Reassemble the unit by simply connecting each of the magnetic components. To use, just press and hold the power button to instantly vaporize your material, and draw through the ceramic mouthpiece.