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Puffco Peak Vaporizer - OPEN BOX

  • $249.95 $379.99

Puffco Peak is the latest innovation by Puffco who continues to be the leader in concentrate consumption technology. Peak has consistent heating that activates your concentrates to a newer level. It has a ceramic bowl that provides a full flavor and potency. Borosilicate glass piece gives additional purification with every hit. It is compact, easy to use and simply the best e-rig available in the market.


The Puffco peak is features 4 pre-set temperature settings. Blue - 450F, Green - 500F, Red - 550F, and White - 600F, each setting provides a different experience. For fuller flavor, we recommend to use it on lower Blue and Green but if you wish to get higher potency with larger clouds our recommendation is to go with red or White. The Peak reaches to the desired temperature in only 20 seconds, the vibration and color LED display will help you to navigate the easy use of the Puffco peak.


1x Puffco Peak
2x Ceramic Bowls
1x Water Pipe Attachment
1x Carb Cap
1x Micro USB Charger
1x Loading Tool
1x Carrying Case
1x Cleaning Swab